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Did you know that an important part of your search engine ranking is caused by backlinks? Backlinks are other websites that point to your site. By hiding the link on these sites in keywords of your choice. Your link will get a higher position in Google for this keyword. I take the word fitness as an example, if you now click on this word, you will arrive at our webshop They also call these anchor words. 

We can help you get hundreds to thousands of high-value backlinks. For the connoisseurs among us, a domain rating of between 40 and 75. To achieve the maximum result, we will always work with advice. Below you can see how our segmentation is divided and prices are calculated. Prices are based on a single URL and exclude VAT. Do you want advice for your entire website? Please contact us via the contact form

Low Competition

For the URLs that still have few backlinks and low authority.

High Competition

If you are going to compete nationally, you need a stronger backlink web.

Medium Competition

Mainly intended for local companies, where you compete with other local companies.

Super High Competition

Do you work nationally and are your keywords also very general, for example words such as; Sales, Fitness, Food and etc. Then you need a heavily built backlink web.

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